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VMT Home Health Agency uses infographics to introduce change

Posted by John Telford on Feb 14, 2017 10:31:53 PM

I have to say we are incredibly fortunate to work with a ton of great clients, and we're even more fortunate when a client we've worked with at one organization moves on to a new opportunity at a different organization and so appreciates the work we've done together in the past that they want to work with us in their new role as well.

We value these kinds of relationships, and we appreciate the good people we work with in partnership who feel the same way. One such person for us is Camile Williams. We had the opportunity to work with her during her stint in Washington DC city government when she was at the Office on Aging, and now again in her new position as VMT Home Health's senior VP of strategy and operations.
The thing that's great about Camile is that she is always striving to make the organization better. Her goal is to create opportunities for improvement, and her starting point to help people understand where those possibilities exist are snapshot-style information graphics that capture organizational inefficiencies and point out ways to ameliorate them.
A few months back, we introduced a client testimonial series here on the blog, and we wanted to share the finished infographic we completed for Camile and Washington DC-based VMT Home Health Agency, which was founded in 1988 and provides long-term care, home health care and post-secondary education and training to students interested in careers in health care.
Client testimonials go a long way in showing other prospective clients what and how we do what we do. We're thankful to Camile and her team at VMT Home Health for offering this stellar review. Client satisfaction is what we strive for with every project.

Having been in business for over 25 years and with approximately 800 employees, we wanted to review and strategically assess the operational needs of the organization because we are looking at a changing health care landscape, new regulations, as well as wanting to expand and grow the business.

If we continue to operate as we have in the past, it would be “business as usual,” which would eventually harm the business making our business not sustainable for the future. My role within the organization is new, so no one at VMT has attempted this kind of solution before.

I have worked with Buzzmachine Studios in my previous role within DC government, and the most important thing to me when evaluating my options is how well and easy the message would come across to the intended audience. The strategic canvas (information graphic) as a whole is important as we rely on it to tell our story about the internal and external barriers and challenges in home health care in Washington DC.

The finished product Buzzmachine Studios product more than met our expectations. It will benefit all the stakeholders, and it’s helping with our overall strategic planning process. It also helps with understanding our ecosystem, which always gives any company a competitive edge.

I would absolutely recommend Buzzmachine Studios to other businesses, and I will continue to use them on future projects. They deliver on time, and they get it! 

— Camile Williams, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Operations


The information graphic we created for VMT Home Health Agency. Click to enlarge. 
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