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Fabulous Friday 3D-animated Film Feature: "The Present" shows the joys gift giving can bring

Posted by John Telford on Dec 9, 2016 3:03:59 PM

While this 3D-animated short film by Jacob Frey isn't a Christmas movie per se, it does offer a touching storyline that centers around the act of gift giving and how such gestures of love and caring can change someone's life for the better.

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Topics: Visual Storytelling, 3D animation, 3D modeling, Maya, Yeti Fur, Pixar Renderman

Fabulous Friday 3D-animated Film Feature: Going Dutch with 'Gracht'

Posted by John Telford on May 15, 2015 10:09:44 AM

I'm not sure what it is. Maybe it's just the right season of the year, or perhaps we just know a lot of people entering transitional seasons of life, but several of our friends and family members are selling old homes and buying new ones right now. Realtors will tell you now is the perfect time if you're looking to sell. It's just before summer, and kids are finishing up the school year, so parents that are in the market for a new home are motivated to make a deal.

Plus, if you're at all interested in the financial markets, you likely know the Federal Reserve is poised to raise those rock bottom interest rates soon. Most financial pundits are saying that will happen in September, which means mortgage rates will start to rise. So, there's another reason the housing market is hot right now with buyers looking to lock in a low rate.

But with the buying and selling of homes, comes a loathsome chore…packing up your earthly belongings and putting your prized possessions in a truck to move to your new digs. I hate moving with a passion. Actually, that's not entirely true. I love the change moving brings. New city, new surroundings, etc. There's a sense of renewal for me when we move. It's the act of moving that I can't stand. All the clutter of boxes and the back breaking lifting is a horror in my book.

I despise it.

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Topics: Visual Storytelling, 3D animation, 3D modeling, Adobe Photoshop, Gracht, Zbrush, Blender, Maya, Mari

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